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The museum and theater complex of the Siberian Arts Cluster will open in Kemerovo in 2024

The opening of the Siberian Arts Cluster museum and theater complex, under construction since 2019, in Kemerovo scheduled for 2024. About this CASS said the director of the branch of the State Russian Museum Elena Mitrofanova.

The agency’s interlocutor described the project as difficult. She said customers, including the Russian Museum, are very demanding. According to her, the construction of the complex continues around the clock.

The building of the museum and theater complex will house a branch of the State Russian Museum, a branch of the Mariinsky Theater and the Kuzbass Arts Center. This circumstance complicates the construction process. “Since we are three in one, we have to design it for each of the institutions in such a way that it can be controlled,” explained Mitrofanova, adding that the area of ​​​​the branch of the State Russian Museum in Kemerovo will be five thousand square meters, while the exhibition will occupy just over 500 square meters. The branch will employ 108 employees.

Mitrofanova pointed out that everything that will be in the branch will also be in the main museum. In particular, an inclusive department is going to be opened in the building of the branch of the museum, which will create special exhibitions and offer special master classes for people with disabilities.

It has previously been reported that in Krasnoyarsk put the first rock opera based on Pushkin’s novel.

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